Monday, August 30, 2010

PR2 Robot Programmed As Smart Beer Fetcher | July 16th, 2010 | A PR2 humanoid, which brings you, your choice of beer and just when you want, is here. Who wouldn’t want to jump at the idea of having your friends over for a game night or girl’s night and enjoy with them rather than running to fetching beer every time they ask for it?

So people at the Willow Garage hacked their PR2 humanoid platform to make it deliver chilled beer of your choice. If that’s not all, the droid even opens the fridge when you click the beer me button, looks at the available selection and pick the beer of your choice, puts it in a delivery tray mounted to its base and close the fridge door behind it while it makes his way towards you before popping open the beer bottles. If your beer selection is unavailable, PR2 will alert you and let you pick another beer.

This PR2 Robot also uses face recognition to release the bottle only when a person is nearby letting the beer to be pulled from it. PR2 can also crack them open with a standard bottle opener.

All the prayers of, someone getting you beer, while you sit back and enjoy your game night with friends, without having to get up from your couch or leaving a heated girlie gossiping session in between, has been answered. Thanks to inventive brains of the guys at the Willow Garage!

Watch this video: (Nino Guevara Ruwano)

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