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Beluga Caviar, One Of The World’s Most Expensive Foods | March 18, 2010 | According to the expert in food there, I dig a little into the world of black caviar and just to explain some things about this divine food and give some caviar useful information when you purchase.

Each caviar has its defining quality or essence, can not recognize you have before you: Beluga, Sevruga or Oscietra. Here are some basic characteristics:

* The Beluga caviar is the most expensive. Epicurean is appreciated by many for its creamy taste. This account decadent delicacy of the most expensive caviar in world and is praised by all parties for their superior qualities. You must be very careful with Beluga caviar, due to their delicate skin. The egg Beluga has a diameter of three and a half years and not mm both very large. It is veiled in a blue blanket.

* Osetra caviar is much smaller the beluga. He has a hard shell and therefore more durable. The flavor is very thin and its special aroma, never to be confused with other caviar. Colors ranging from golden brown to dark brown, almost black. The age of fish is the most brilliant color. You recognize its outer cover osetra yellow.

* The third variant is the Sevruga. Sevruga is the least expensive of all caviar. It has a very thin shell and therefore it is also very sensitive. It is joy, in addition to its strong flavor. Can be recognized by his red cape.

In terms of consumption, aroma of black caviar is best made with champagne, dry white wine or iced vodka. It is also true that a small portion on blinis, toast light or potato shells. It can be used to cream that softens the flavor.

So there you have it…just a little info to get you started on your way to enjoying this delicacy. For a review on the best place to buy caviar, please Click Here.

So Happy Caviar Hunting & Good Luck!

Caviar Russe about price?

How a site's price for Russian Beluga is $ 580 for 4 oz, but then in another web site 4 oz Russian Beluga know is that $ 39 is probably cooler or something, but thats a big difference in pricing by taking into account both sites say is the beluga of Russia.

Black caviar is inferior to the light gray red caviar (Nino Guevara Ruwano)

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