Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Clock That Powered By Water and Lemon Juice | April, 17th 2010 | They say Water Is Life, and as far as this cool Bedol Clock is concerned I must say the above mentioned fact has reached it’s ultimate limit, it has granted life to a non loving thing, a clock to be precise.

The Bedol Eco-Friendly clock is powered by just plain water and and a dash of lemon juice and nothing else, no batteries, no spring loaded mechanisms or any external source of electricity.Bedol Eco friendly Clock1The Bedol water clock is one of the many new age devices that are here to save the planet and make it a bit more greener and sustain it for a bit longer, since it runs on just plain water it cannot be polluting in nature or even harm Mother Nature in any way!Bedol Eco friendly Clock3

The clock works on the principle of formation of an galvanic cell that is initiated by the reaction between the water added and small dash of natural lemon juice that acts as the catalyst. Once filled the clock will function continuously for 8-12 weeks before crashing down, and even while it is down and needs a refill it does not loose track of time as there is a in-built memory chip that keeps the proper track of time and ensures that you stay right on the schedule.Bedol Eco friendly Clock2

The best part of this eco-friendly gadget is that it sells for only $16.00 unlike the other highly priced ones. You can also check out the other cool gadgets that have the approval of Mother Nature like the Recycled Motherboard Coasters or the HP Eco-Computer design, all of which aim to make our planet a lot greener! (Nino Guevara Ruwano)


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